AR implementation will boost your business

Augmented Reality has the power to change the way people perceive products and services which can enhance their everyday lives. The actual use in transforming businesses is yet to be explored by many organisations across the world. It has the potential to overcome competition in the business that are revaluating their strategies to attract consumers.

What is Augmented Reality?

Incorporating digital graphics, special audio, and video techniques to bring life into objects in the real world is done with Augmented Reality technology. This is made possible to have a captivating impact on the customers.
With the help of augmented reality technology, businesses can uplift the way people perceive everyday objects. Every industry can benefit from this revolutionary billion-dollar worth technology. Using artificial intelligence reduces costs and improves the performance of many applications used across the globe today. It offers an exciting personal experience for every customer who gets a chance to interact with the company’s AR product. It will extensively support training new workforces too.

How AR will benefit businesses?

  1. 3D designing and Modelling
  2. Companies often have to spend a lot of time and effort in making the perfect business models attract consumers. This can be simplified with the from interior designers to real estate people, everyone can give that ‘wow’ effect in their modeling setup. A 3D model of a particular location or a new building is a better version than its 2D images used in advertising banners. It will compel viewers to make a prompt decision about buying a particular property or furniture.

    Ikea’s Place App is a great example of how AR can simplify furniture purchases. The app allows you to place Ikea’s products virtually in the digital image of your house. Dulux Visualiser is another great AR-powered app that lets you scan your room and try out different shades for your room.

  3. Education and Training
  4. We all have been taught to imagine terms like velocity, force, and speed; these are some of the things we cannot touch and show. So, imagination was the technique behind learning a lot of terminologies. However, augmented reality can be utilised to give a real-life experience of such topics. The textual content will not be able to deliver the appropriate features of a particular object like parts of a body- which when viewed on a 3D model can promote better understanding. School kids will grasp concepts faster when they get a visual presentation instead of written explanations. It will also instill a sense of curiosity in them to explore the concepts in depth. People willing to work in the machinery sector can be trained using 3D representations of the machines and their functioning in-depth. With remote working and learning becoming a popular trend; AR will extensively support teachers, students, and training faculty to solve complex problems innovatively.

  5. Retail
  6. Ever since online shopping has taken over physical shop visits, brands are focusing on providing that ultimate user experience to their online buyers. And, launching an AR application for their product or to display any promotional stint is the best way to pull the crowd. It does not mean you can shut off your actual store completely. There are numerous ways to incorporate AR into your sales strategy. You can use them in the shops or through an application. Virtual fitting rooms for all kinds of clothes, virtual make-up trials, trying the shades of paints for home; and a lot more can be done just by offering customers an AR application. Even introducing a virtual game related to your product or service can attract consumers interested in online gaming. The possibilities are endless when you choose the right AR application for your business.

  7. Healthcare
  8. A technology that can save lives is truly a gem. And, Augmented Reality has the efficacy to deal with complex medical conditions. There are several functions that can be eased with the help of AR-powered applications like helping nurses find veins; detect cataracts in the eye; assisting surgeons to explain the severity of case to the patients; these all are just some of the ways AR can benefit the healthcare industry.

  9. Remote Support
  10. Sometimes finding the right person to repair your car or television turns out to be a big challenge. What if you get virtual assistance on the steps to follow to repair it on your own? That is how automobile companies can provide remote support to their loyal customers. Technicians can provide remote help to their staff in removing errors without having to refer to several manual pages. Hyundai launched its first AR manual in 2015 and became the first automobile company to do so.

    “If you think AR implementation will boost your business productivity then you should definitely start exploring soon. It will help you in having an edge over your competitors and attract potential clients eventually increasing the sales for your business. Do connect with the technical team at Visualytes to get started with your AR application and reward your business with a futuristic digital transformation.”


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